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Hello. You have reached the inbox of Hiroshi Yamane. I am afraid I am unavailable for communication for the moment. Please feel free to leave a message, and I shall return it as soon as I am able.
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Name: Badge
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] dragomorph
Other characters played: N/A

Name: Hiroshi
Canon: Ao Oni
Overview: Very serious and polite, but with a snarky streak. Firmly believes in science. Heavily traumatized by an extremely terrible incident that occurred when exploring a mansion with some friends, who got "killed" by a monster. Tries to ignore the fact that supernatural stuff exists, but often fails.
Enrollment Status: New Transfer
Species: Mundane human who sees supernatural stuff now whether he likes it or not.
AU Overview: Not too much of an AU. He still went to the mansion with his friends, who promptly died/became Onis/we're not really sure. Word got out of the story and St. Augustus decided the smartest thing to do in this case would be to ship him over and get him acclimated to the supernatural rather than have him become some sort of monster-based Captain Ahab and get himself and a lot of supernatural beings killed. Only difference is the mansion in this case is somewhere in California.
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It's not such a bad place, Memoria Arx Sirocco. Friendly people. Plenty of services. A robust welfare system that helps you get started right off the bat when you arrive. You know what would make the place more enjoyable, however? Remembering anything about yourself. At all.

You arrived with only your name, your personality, and the most basic of mortal skills. But the labs you arrived at pointed you to a solution: small gems called Anemoi scattered across the ruins and tombs of the land outside the city, waiting for enterprising individuals to bring them in to be tapped into. These gems hold the key to your past. The question is, how do you choose to pursue them -- if you do at all?

[community profile] anemoi is a jamjar memory loss sandbox RP. If we haven't lost you with the first couple descriptors, then this may be the RP for you. It has a number of unique features, including:

- Complete sandbox play: Want to go on adventures to exciting locations? Simple slice of life experiences? Maybe you want to join the local Justice League and fight against crime. Or perhaps you want to run a wider plot. It's up to you.
- Power and memory regains: Though you will start out nonpowered and without your memory, each new anemoi and successful activity check gives you the opportunity to regain both powers and memories, allowing for a complete recovery within a minimum of 1 year playtime.
- A constantly evolving setting: Each new arrival from each new canon brings with them their world's entire bestiary, and may even bring a God or two. They may also use the regain system to bring in anything ranging from small, simple items to entire new game mechanics. And should the character stay for a full three months, said elements become PERMANENT additions to the setting.
- An innovative villain system: People who wish to play characters who are just Not Nice People may opt for the villain system, which allows for people to play evil characters whose natures may prevent the sort of socialization that allows for successful activity checks. Said individuals both may retain their memories and power and also have at hand a bunch of loyal lackies known as the Sirocco Operation Society. Currently, slots are filled by The Joker (Batman: The Animated Series) and Misery (Cave Story), but a third slot is open to those who wish to try for it.
- Now accepting OCs: Anemoi was previously a canon-only RP, but has very recently opened the game to any and all OCs interested in apping! We'd love to have you!
- A fairly leninent activity check: AC is every two weeks, but only requires ten REPLIES per character.
- AIM/IRC log and Dreamwidth log friendly: Run an adventure anyway you like. Anemoi counts both for activity.

Your new life awaits... as well as the memory of your old.

Cool pages you might want to take a look at:
Applications | Taken Characters | Reserves | Requested Characters | Rules | FAQ | Memory Info | Villain Rules


MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA: I currently play Tsuruya ([personal profile] life_is_megas_wonderful). There are currently no other Haruhi characters there, though, and I would really like to have some of the main cast. She's already remembered all of them, so there can be bonus "Tsuruya is acting obnoxiously mysterious about knowing you" antics.

TIGER AND BUNNY: We have Kotetsu (that's me as [personal profile] the_ko_stands_for_tiger) and Bunny, and that's it. We have a Justice League, so not having any more Heroes is just going to WASTE. I know our Booster Gold player would LOVE an Agnes to boot, and I personally would adore having Kaede.

AO ONI: Pffffft. I play Hiroshi ([personal profile] all_onis_are_true) in a weird way where he is eventually going to remember every single version of Ao Oni's events. Which means even if you play from 1.0, there's a good chance he'll remember you -- although you may want to chat with me first, since I've never actually been able to read the game. I would pretty much love anybody who ISN'T big, blue, and human-hungry; we actually did a plot with those things, so.

TOUHOU PROJECT: We have Ran Yakumo (that's me, [personal profile] faithful_kitsune) and Marisa Kirisame, and we should very shortly have a Shou Toramaru if we don't by the time this ad goes up. Pretty much anybody else would be welcome, although I will admit to some hesitance about a Yukari since I'm currently exploring Ran's character independent of her -- which is not to say I will reject anybody who chooses to app her. Just prepare to have her be VERY confused why this fox woman won't leave her alone.

CAVE STORY: I play Misery ([personal profile] misery_hates_company) in the villain slot, who's currently striking out on her own. Any other characters would be welcome.

SHADOW HEARTS: We have a Joachim player who would like any and all other Shadow Hearts characters in the game. Come on, you know you wanna join with her. I mean, it's JOACHIM. Our player would especially love Joachim's siblings and Anastasia.

CLAMP: We have a player of Tsubasa-type White Mokona who would love more CLAMP characters in our game.

ANIMAMUNDI: Hooray obscure visual novels. Our Lillith player would adore having anybody else from the game, particularly Georik, St. Germant and Sylvie.

MARVEL: We have DC characters. We do not have Marvel characters. Clearly this disruption in the comicverse must be rectified immediately. Peter Parker and Tony Stark would be much appreciated.

DC: Wait, no, we need no stinking Marvel characters. DC fo life, yo. Pfft. We have Booster Gold and The Joker already, and our player would love Maxwell Lord, Ted Kord, and Rip Hunter in particular. Also, since Joker is here, it seems sort of lacking we don't also have Bats, hmmmmm?

PERSONA 4: We have no Persona characters. Why do we have no Persona characters? CLEARLY what this setting needs is a horrifying otherworld you can access via the TV with shadow monsters. Please help us solve this sad dearth.

DANNY PHANTOM: Our Danny Phantom player will love you for life if you app anybody from this canon. Bonus points for Vlad, Jazz, Valerie, and Danny's parents.

GENERATOR REX: Our Rex player is looking for anybody and EVERYBODY from this canon. In particular, she would like Cesar, Holiday, Six, Van Kleiss, and White Knight.

OBSCURE RPG MAKER GAMES: This is sort of a personal request: I have a fondness for RPG Maker games and would love to see any characters at all from them. I would especially love anybody from Yume Nikki or Ib, but any of them would be fine.

ACE ATTORNEY: I would also KILL for anybody from the Ace Attorney fandom to join this game, but then I'd have to frame someone and get called out by Phoenix and/or Apollo. In fact, clearly I SHOULD kill someone... hmmm...

FINAL FANTASY 3/6j: We have a Relm who would love anybody to help her fend off the icky boy germs she's getting from a Final Fantasy IV Palom we have in the game.

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: Canon character, OC, it's all good. We have a Rudolph Van Richten who would love anybody from the various settings, particularly anybody from Ravenloft or Baldur's Gate.

DRESDEN FILES: We have nobody from this canon. Come on, where our snarky modern day mages be at?

TRAUMA CENTER: Our Rosalia player is totes seeking a CR-SO1. You wanna make her happy, right?


Nov. 13th, 2011 04:43 pm
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Hi! Welcome to the wonderful world of Ao Oni. And what is the Ao Oni, you ask?

Why, it's this charming fellow!

Affable looking fellow, isn't he? Oh, but he's not your friend, we're afraid. Quite the opposite. His favorite activities include leaping out when you least expect it, biting peoples' heads off, changing the dead into other Ao Onis, and eating rope ladders that provide the first convenient way out of the mansion you're trapped in!

But he could hardly be expected to live by himself. So he has friends!

Terrible, Eldritch-like friends! And they all like eating humans! And now that Hiroshi lives in Sirocco, you might get to meet them too! Hope you brought your running shoes, because getting those anemoi just got a lot more difficult!


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